Welcome to the Office of Arnold F. Negrin, M.D. Child, Adolescent, and Family Psychiatry

Complete these easy steps below to become a new patient.

Request a new patient appointment

Please fill out the form below and a member of our team will get back to you shortly to schedule your new patient appointment after receiving your completed paperwork and verifying your insurance coverage.

    Step 2: Download and fill out new patient forms

    Please use the button below to download the paperwork required for all new patients. Please be sure that the information provided is accurate, thorough, and legible.

    Failure to complete paperwork may result in delays in scheduling your appointment, as well as appointment cancellation.
    Download New Patient Paperwork

    In preparation of your upcoming appointment, please check that you have completed the following items.

    • Please check that you’ve printed your name and signed each consent (there are a total of 6)

    • Please be sure you have signed the initial Treatment Plan (page 13)

      • The treatment plan will be updated periodically throughout your treatment, based on current needs and progress.
    • Please be sure you have listed all of your current medications, including the dosages and how frequently you take them

    • Please send a copy of your current insurance card, current pharmacy benefits card (if separate from your insurance card), and a valid photo ID

    • Please sign a release of information for the following:

      • Primary Care Doctor
        • If you do not have a Primary Care provider (or women’s health provider), our office does require lab work and an order will be given to you to be completed at any lab/facility (of your choosing). Please note that our office is not responsible for fees incurred as a result of the requested lab work. Lab work ordered will be based on medication(s) prescribed and treatment guideline recommendations.
        • Insurance requests communication between Primary Care and Psychiatry in cases of concerns with medication interactions, new symptoms indicating need for further work-up, and for lab work.
      • Counselor/Therapist
      • Others
        • Other Providers (including specialty providers such as neurologists, endocrinologists etc)
        • Any Previous Provider(s) – This allows us to obtain records of previous treatment including previous psychiatric evaluations, diagnoses, medications, and treatment notes
        • Other Individuals – Including but not limited to, parents, siblings, significant others, DFCs caseworkers, school counselors
    • Any paperwork you would like us to review prior to your appointment should be sent with your new patient paperwork (including recent lab work, psychological testing, records from other providers, etc.)

    If you have any questions, please let us know! We look forward to working with you soon!

    How to Contact our Office

    Please keep in mind that we are a very busy practice. We see many patients daily, including welcoming new patients to our practice. Therefore, our phone lines are often tied up. Below we have listed ways to best contact staff in our office.

    • Please note that our office requires an appointment in order to get a medication refill.
    • If your medication requires a Prior Authorization, please ask the pharmacy to send the authorization request to our office so that it can be completed.
    • Our office has a Facebook Page that allows you to send the office a message or email our staff. Our Facebook Page is Arnold F. Negrin MD, Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatry
    • You can leave a message with our Nurse, however, please keep in mind that she is seeing patients during the day, so she does not answer the phone. The Nurse checks messages and responds periodically throughout the day. Please do not call the nurse line to reschedule/cancel an appointment, to request medical records, to request a prior authorization on a medication, or for medication refills.
    • Our Nurse Practitioner does not have a telephone line. For questions or concerns regarding medications, you can reach her through email: Lindsey@arnoldnegrin.com. Please note that contact through email does not constitute an appointment and this communication should not be used to request medication refills or medication changes. If you require discussion regarding requests for medication changes, please schedule an appointment.
    • Our Therapist does not have a telephone line. For questions or concerns regarding your therapy services, you can reach her through email: Genevie@arnoldnegrin.com
    • Our office staff has email addresses that you can contact regarding non-urgent questions, to cancel/reschedule appointments, or to request a phone call once the office opens: sarah@arnoldnegrin.com; nina@arnoldnegrin.com; lisa@arnoldnegrin.com; devin@arnoldnegrin.com; stacie@arnoldnegrin.com

    After-Hour Call Service

    Please reserve using after-hour phone calls for truly urgent matters. Keep in mind that it’s best to direct your inquiries during normal office hours, when we have access to your medical records.  Of course, emergencies can occur at any time. If it is a medical emergency, please call 911. If you develop a medical urgency, or you are uncertain if the issue can wait until the office is open, then please call us.  We never want you to delay contacting us about an urgent condition.

    Please do not use the after-hours service for the following:

    • verification of appointment times
    • to cancel same day appointments
    • to discuss a concern that has been ongoing/chronic
    • to request a medication change
    • to request a new prescription or to request verification of a prescription
    • to discuss medication prior authorization

    Georgia Crisis and Access Line

    For immediate access to routine or crisis services, please call the Georgia Crisis and Access Line (GCAL) at 1-800-715-4225. GCAL is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to help you or someone you care for in a crisis. GCAL professionals will:

    • Provide telephonic crisis intervention services
    • Dispatch mobile crisis teams
    • Assist individuals in finding an open crisis or detox bed across the State
    • Link individuals with urgent appointment services